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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Digital single-lens reflex cameras a.k.a dslr

digital cameras that use a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism
to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera.

Due to their reflex design system, DSLRs are often preferred
by professional still photographers because
they allow an accurate preview of framing
close to the moment of exposure.
Many professionals also prefer DSLRs for
their larger sensors compared to most compact digital cameras.
DSLRs have sensors which are generally closer
in size to the traditional film formats
that many current professionals started out using.
These large sensors allow for similar depths of field and
picture angle to film formats,
as well as their comparatively high signal to noise ratio.
DSLRs also allow the user to choose from
a variety of interchangeable lenses.
Most DSLRs also have a function that allows accurate preview of depth of field.

skrg ni makin menjadi2 plk trend ni kn??
trend y jadi income utk some person..
juge jd hobi y menelan byk belanje..

as example :
husband buat side income..
my sister buat pekasam..

tp actually my sis xconfiden lg..so harap2 pasni dia confiden da..
sbb skrg ni sorg lg da beria2 nk bli..
my nephew.. huh rajin da dtg umh skrg..

tu y dia target nk bil d7000 ni..
more or less katenye same ngn d90 y mysis guna..
blum tgk so xtau..
*mcm klu tgk je tau kn?* :))

tp org plk suke y cenni..
ngee ala2 compact je..
tp rege pun ribu2..

J1 or V1 ?
si seben ckp J1 best lg..
sbb bley share lens!
dan kalerfull dan handy..suke :)

tp tula..nk bli ke xnk ?
nk bli ke xnk???
*eceh mcm nk bli bju rege 20 hengget plk*
sbb skrg ni seben mcm nk angkat lg 1 D300s nisnang 2 body dia ckp klu buat job..
2 body n 2 lens..
( 50 mm n wide ) *spec xingt*
so skrg ni dia ade da 1 body ngn 50 mm baru dia tu
*suke la tu*
so target dia nk bli wide plk..
hurmmm so klu nk save..
isteri pnjam jela dslr seben dia kn???
hahahaha income da byk bru pow J1?? :D

tp rsnye klu income da byk mesti dia nk bli y ni kn??
si D700 ni...

ke dia nk bli y rege 16k tu???
bole2..tp wife pun nk gk brg y mahal cenni!

p.s: suami carik duit..isteri pow duit! thanks abg, i know u read this *muahss*

.. cheQmOomOo ..


Khumaera Ismail aka Mariam Ismail said...

salam.morning cheq moomoo. kamera dslr maera pun dah jadi pekasam sekrg.mungkin kena bertukar kepada kamera digital biase yg lebih kompak dan senang dibawa.huhu~

cheQmOomOo said...

salam. huhuhu klu ade geng kot bru semangat..klu stakat sj2 mmg compact lg handy kn? :p