ya ALLAH rahmatilah kami di dunia dan akhirat Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, January 26, 2012


kami g bercuti..
cube teka kami kat mn?

ni pict petang kami smpi tu..

mlm plk kami steambot.. n bbQ!!!

whoaaaaa sedap!! mien mmg pndai masak :)

ni da stat da kami berjalan2..
dapat teka x???

haaa mcm cover album x??? lev lev lev..
errr dpt teka???xdpt..??? ok ok..
pict bwh ni mesti korg tau...

kg losong..kami bli kat gerai adnan...

yezzaaaaa.. ke ganu kami sumer :)

nmpk inai kami??
love it..

kami dok kat chalet su..murah + berbaloi..
tp di marang la..
then kami mkn kopok lekor 007 dekat2 Msjd Terapung.. nyummy!
pastu kami berBBQ n steambot!
ala2 seoulgarden! terbaekkk!
kopok lg..kg losong..adnan~
kami ke pasar payang..do shopping!!!
kami ke muzium..besaRRRRnyeeee!!!
then ke Masjid Kristal..
dan ke Taman Tamadun Islam..
weehheeeeee ~

p.s: cant wait for next trip..xtau bila n mn :p

.. cheQmOomOo ..

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